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  Brief History

   Lac La Biche is a very unique community in many ways. It is one of the first European settlements in western Canada. It was first established when David Thompson made his first portage from Beaver Lake down Red Deer Brook and into Lac La Biche.

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Lebanese people have been part of Lac La Biche’s history since the late 1800’s, usually traveling through the Portage Lac La Biche on their way to the Arctic to trade with the Aboriginal peoples of the north.  In 1905, two young Lebanese peddlers decided to set roots and settle in the small community of Lac La Biche to peddle dry goods and trade furs. They became the nucleus and the start of a large and vibrant Lebanese community, which has become an integral and important part of the fabric of the Lac La Biche region. We are one of the oldest Lebanese communities in Canada.

  Purpose of Event


To commemorate our more than 100 years of history here, the Lebanese community in Lac La Biche and Alberta has decided to organize a       Centenary festival in Lac La Biche on the weekend of July 2 to July 4 2010. We are doing this for several reasons’:   

1  -  To make people aware of our long history in Lac La Biche and Canada.

2  -  To focus on our Lebanese heritage for our youth and community, so as to foster a sense of belonging and acknowledgement of our contribution to the fabric of multicultural.

3  -  Make this a homecoming for the Lebanese people who have their origins in Lac La Biche.

4  -  To invite all Lebanese and all members of every community to help us celebrate.

5  -  To begin compiling our history in Lac La Biche and Alberta so that it may be documented in a historical archive and book.

  Join Us

We welcome all citizens of our community as well as all Albertans, and not just Lebanese, to join us for the weekend in Lac La Biche and celebrate with us. The weekend will also serve as a homecoming for all the Lebanese people who originated from Lac La Biche. It is estimated that of the 60 plus thousand Lebanese in Alberta, probably 20% are descendants of Lebanese who originated in Lac La Biche.

email us: info@llbleb100.ca


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